Are the photos of your villa really good enough? How inviting and informative are they? Excellent photography is key to successful rentals. Without it, you will end up attracting less bookings than your competitors. With it, your rental income will increase and you’ll find your ideal guests more easily. Here are just a few reasons why you need better photography for your villa:

1- Photograph every room

A few shots of the sun setting over the infinity pool, your favourite plants, new loungers and your best bedrooms will all enhance your villa listing but how informative are your photos?  The pool and terrace are important but your potential guests really want to see what each room looks like inside too. If you miss out a room, it may look like you are hiding something. Be sure to show open windows and use plenty of natural light inside as it’s more inviting.

2 – Use a drone

Sought after villas are now filmed by drone then combined with a series of pan shots inside to make short 5 minute films. Feature a film on your home page or listing, post it on Youtube and your social media channels to bring in more interest. People love films and tend to view them before the photos. Drone footage is particularly effective if you have large grounds and stunning views. It really shows off the villa and will enhance your listing/website. See these Villa Films for an idea of what can be achieved. Compare the villa films to what you have on your website to help you to see why you need better photography for your villa.

3 – Blue sky and sunshine

Everyone wants only warm sunny weather on holiday so if you take your photos on a cloudy day, it’s not going to look inviting enough. Make sure your photos are taken on a sunny day when it is warm, not off season as the result is never as good. Depending on the region, May and June are usually the best months for photography when the garden is in bloom.

4 – Lay the table for breakfast and drinks

One of the joys of renting a villa in France or Italy is the opportunity to dine ‘al fresco’, perhaps with a marvellous view to admire. You need to help your potential guests visualise this experience. So instead of a bare dining table, lay it for breakfast with fresh fruit, juice and cakes (more colourful and informal than dinner). Set up a couple of wine glasses with a bottle of wine on your favourite spot for an evening drink.

5 – Show off your facilities

Your table tennis table may not be as beautiful as your new lamp or curtains, but it can be a really important piece of equipment for family groups so show a photo of it. Let them see what they can experience at the villa. The same goes for bikes, games, books, toys and other things your guests like to have on holiday. They don’t need to dominate the photo but they can be included discreetly in your gallery. Make sure there are enough loungers around the pool and chairs around tables for the maximum occupancy.

6 – Professional lighting for interiors

When possible, invest in professional photography. Although amateur photographers with a good eye can take lovely photos of the villa outside, a professional will do a better job. Interiors can look dark and uninviting without special lighting and a wide angle. Open the windows and there is too much light, keep them closed with the lights on and the rooms looks uninviting, even with amateur photo editing. If a professional photographer comes to your villa, then be sure to assist with the photo shoot, setting tables and displaying fresh fruit and flowers.

To find out more photography tips or to find out more about the Villa Owner Consultancy service, contact Rachel.