Holiday Villa Finding Service

What is Rachel’s Villa Finding Service?

Rachel’s Villa Finding Service is a unique short cut to finding your ideal holiday villa in France or Italy.  As a villa finder, it is my mission to seek out your ideal holiday home on your behalf.  By choosing an expert to manage your search, you save time and view only the best rental properties. Furthermore, because I only source villas with  reliable owners and managers, you can book with confidence.

Why use a Villa Finding Service?

Although thousands of holiday homes can be found online, a villa finder is useful due to a number of factors:

1. Your search is managed from start to finish. 

Your personal villa finder is on hand to answer your questions and offer experienced advice at every stage of the search. The process is therefore informed and moves more quickly than if you do it yourself.

2. You have a better choice. 

A villa finder will sift out the best properties from the portfolios of a range of reputable contacts so you do not have to. Although many rental properties appear easily online via a Google search, a good villa finder will also have access to a personal network of reliable villa owners and managers with more hidden villas. Consequently, your villa finder will offer you a more targeted approach and better results.

3. You view only suitable villas. 

An experienced villa finder will offer a service which is bespoke, therefore they take time to understand what your ideal holiday home is really like. Consequently, you will be given a realistic expectation of the kind of places available within your budget. As a result, you will be offered only truly suitable villas which match your particular needs.

4. You save time. 

Rather than trawling through search results and sifting out unsuitable suggestions, a villa finder will do it for you. They will preview multiple listings and shortlist only the best for you to view. As a result, you free up your time.

5. You see off-market villas. 

A villa finder can connect you with a number of villa owners whose properties fall short of the Google radar. This kind of owner relies primarily on their personal network to bring in their ideal guests. In order to add those kinds of villas to your list for consideration, a villa finder with the right connections is key.

6. You save money. 

As an experienced villa finder, I can suggest ways to negotiate the best villa on the best terms so you can benefit financially. Depending on demand, a better price can be sought if the villa booking is last minute, offseason, under occupancy or a repeat client.

7. You gain knowledgeable advice. 

Each villa finder has an area of expertise and knowledge which makes them an expert. The knowledge you gain will certainly enhance or confirm what you may already know.

How does my Villa Finding Service work?

1. You tell me your basic holiday requirements.

  • What are your holiday dates? In summer, rentals are usually weekly, from Saturday to Saturday.
  • How many adults and children (ages please) are in the group? Twins, doubles, cots?
  • Which country and/or region of Italy or France would you prefer? Coastal, rural?
  • What is your budget per week for the villa rental?
  • Do you have any particular requests? Cook service, facilities for children, a heated pool, tennis court, private gym etc.
  • Your contact details

2. An initial consultation.

I assess your requirements and advise if your budget and wish list are realistic. I will then give you some initial guidance. I then prefer to set up a call so I can find out more about your holiday plans. This is particularly important if your requirements are complicated or require in-depth research.

3. The bespoke villa finding service offer.

Once I have a clear idea of your requirements and you are happy for me to start my research, I send you an invoice for my villa-finding fee.

4. The villa search begins.

Once I have received your fee, the research begins. I contact villa companies, villa owners and villa managers on your behalf to check on availability, prices and the suitability of the villas which match your requirements, filtering out unsuitable options. I then email you details of my search results.

I usually recommend a minimum of three suitable villas which match your wishlist. In practice, I continue the search until I have sourced the one which everyone in the group loves and wants to book. If requirements change and the search is taking longer than usual (this can happen, particularly with a large group), then we can discuss if a further fee is required along the way. To date, I have never needed to refund my fee, but I would be prepared to do so if your plans unexpectedly change and I haven’t dedicated much time to your search.

5. Reserve the villa.

When you have chosen your villa, I reserve your week/weeks on option with the villa owner/company on your behalf, then send you their booking terms, conditions and contact details in order for you to confirm your booking directly. At that stage my villa-finding service is complete.

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What makes my Villa Finding Service unique?


Due to my 20 years of experience matchmaking villas to guests, I have a unique mix of knowledge and contacts to tap into in order to source your ideal villa.

My villa network grows each year, consequently, my knowledge and therefore my service improves. I travel to France and Italy regularly and speak both Italian and French, therefore I can give you a personal take on each location and culture, adding to your overall enjoyment of your villa holiday.

Furthermore, as a mother with young children who goes on multi-generational holidays, when asked, ‘How can I find a large villa?’ or ‘How do I find a villa which is really special’, my advice has an added level of invaluable personal experience.